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This year's National Dataset Report is a difficult read in parts, providing an unwelcome reminder of the damage done by two years of turmoil.

But schools all over the world are doing incredible and extraordinary things to support their pupils and their families both in and out of school.

And here are just some of the ways in which we can help you and your pupils right now.

In this webinar, we give an overview of the latest Juniper National Dataset report and our expert panelists, Ben Levinson headteacher from Kensington Primary School, Stephan Nicholls report author and Education Consultant and Kathy Ewers, Education Adviser examine the key findings. 

We also discuss practical ways for raising attainment in specific areas of concern and consider what potential challenges are still to come for Primary school staff and their pupils.

Help and support for writing

The National Dataset Report 2022 shows that writing is the subject the most affected by the impacts of the pandemic.

Our CPD team are running a number of different online courses with a focus on writing over the next few months that you can join.

Imagination boxes to inspire creative writing

Using objects can help to stimulate pupils' curiosity and imagination. What is an object made of? Where does it come from? What is it used for?

Our imagination boxes contain a collection of interesting resources that can be used as inspiration for creative writing, helping pupils to really think about words, similes and metaphors they might use to describe an item. They are a great way to develop interesting story starters and engage pupils with different learning styles.

Helping children love reading!

We're committed to helping every child love reading for pleasure and we would like to invite you and your pupils to take part in our Juniper Book Awards.

The awards are designed to improve literacy, facilitate debate and encourage reading for enjoyment in children in Key Stage 2 and 3.

Additional support for reading

Our CPD team also run a number of different online courses with a focus on reading that you can join.

Help and support for Maths

In addition to courses to support reading and writing our CPD team are running a number of different online courses with a focus on Maths over the next few months that you can join.

Juniper Training Centre e-learning courses

We also offer several self-directed e-learning courses for Primary educators that may be of interest.

Primary English: Grammar Subject Knowledge

This course covers the grammar content of the English Primary National Curriculum from Year 1 to Year 6. Word classes and punctuation are covered in depth as these aspects feature prominently in the end of Key Stage Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Test. 

School Assessment Leader Update 2022

Each term we provide a thorough update on all statutory assessment requirements. This ensures that the School Assessment Leaders are fully prepared and equipped to lead colleagues in all assessment expectations back at school.

Teaching Phonics

This course provides an introduction to phonics covering elements such as terminology, enunciation and progression. A typical lesson sequence is presented along with practical ideas for teaching. The course is relevant to teachers, teaching assistants and others who are involved in supporting pupils through the early stages of reading.

Intervention Training

With the current focus on closing the gaps there is a real need for effective intervention programmes to be available in all schools. We have accredited trainers in the following interventions.

Write Away Together
A writing intervention aimed at Years 2 – 6

Fischer Family Trust Wave 3 Literacy
1:1 intervention focusing on reading and writing for Y1 and 2 pupils and older pupils with SEND

Inference Training
Highly effective group intervention for Years 2 – 9 focusing on the development of reading comprehension skills

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about the intervention and explore the possibility of training for your school, consortium or MAT.

Free online analysis tool

Compare the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on primary school children’s learning.

We are now pleased to offer an analysis tool allowing all primary settings to compare their attainment with the Juniper National Dataset. Assessment data was taken from more than 7,000 primary schools representing about 1.5 million pupils and was collected at various key data points.

Modelling future progress

If you're reviewing your own pupil assessment data management and processes at the moment, please take a look at Sonar Tracker.

Pupil progress tracking is no longer about picking over multiple confusing historical data reports when it’s too late to help the children in your school today. It's about using the information you have to spot opportunities and make informed decisions for real, measurable, impact.

Sonar Tracker is the new pupil assessment and progress tracker that transforms how we record and act on essential intelligence, where and when it really counts. In the classroom.

Take a look at this short video to find out more about Sonar Tracker!

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